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Nagu was a town surrounded by crystal clear water, ice and greenery in south eastern Finland. Its few inhabitants behaved with that pause, order, calm and tranquillity typical of the Nordic personality. The simplicity of matters, tradition, community and the value of time were part of that different way of life. The essence of Nagu is kept alive among our community of friends and clients, who are looking for that space where they can relax with good company in a quiet atmosphere and savour wonderful food cooked with honesty and tradition.


Our Madrid Restaurant is located in the Barrio de Salamanca, on 2 Fernán González Street. It has two floors divided into several spaces so you can choose the corner you like best.



“Each dish is cooked with care preserving its flavor and the quality of the product. You will find spoon dishes, meats, salads, fish and homemade desserts with a Mediterranean air. You will love the creamy croquettes, the “torreznos”, the juicy Spanish omelette, its wonderful Angus hamburger, the gratin scallops, the tartar, the grilled artichokes, the prawn carpaccio, the old cow picaña, its sea bass… The offer is completed with an interesting wine list, with more than 20 references from the main DOs of Spanish origin. The different atmospheres of the Nagú restaurant allow you to enjoy any time of the day, whether it is with lunch in your private room, tapas at the bar, or dinner.”.


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